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Mergers and Inquisitions (M&I) is a website dedicated to helping aspiring professionals get into investment banking Jobs Browse job descriptions: requirements and skills for job postings in investment banking, equity research, treasury, FP&A, corporate finance, accounting and other areas of finance. These job descriptions have been compiled by taking the most common lists of skills, requirement, education, experience and other and other areas of finance such as private equity, hedge funds, corporate development Corporate Development Career Path Corporate Development jobs include executing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures & capital raising in-house for a corporation. Corporate development ("corp dev") is responsible for executing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and capital raising in-house for a corporation. Explore the career path. , equity research Equity Research Overview Equity research professionals are responsible for producing analysis, recommendations, and reports on investment opportunities that investment banks, institutions, or their clients may be interested in. The Equity Research Division is a group of analysts and associates. This equity research overview guide , etc. The site can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain knowledge on a wide range of financial modeling, valuation and Excel topics.

Finance believes in providing as many helpful resources to students as possible, and the M&I site should definitely be everyone’s list!

mergers and inquisitions (M&I) website

How does the website help aspiring professionals?

The Mergers and Inquisitions website offers users a wide range of resources that are designed to help people break into the industry, or move up the ladder if they are already in the industry.

Resource categories include:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Coaching
  • Courses – via Breaking Into Wall Street Breaking Into Wall Street Our students often ask before they register, how is Finance different than Breaking into Wall Street for online financial modeling training. Compare Finance vs BIWS

M&I articles and writing style

The articles and blog posts on M&I have a unique style to them and are quite enjoyable to read. The posts can be a great supplement to the content you’ll find on Finance and many of the articles are written with a lot of personal insight and read like a conversation.

These articles can support the concepts students learn through Finance’s courses on financial modeling, accounting, Excel, and other areas of finance.

Financial modeling practices

Being good at financial modeling requires a lot of practice. For this reason, it can be a good idea to learn from several different sources so you see different styles and approaches to building models and performing analysis in Excel.

Finance courses are designed to stand alone, but if you’re looking for additional financial modeling practice, M&I could be could be a great place to look.

mergers and acquisitions model

Souce: Finance’s M&A modeling template.

Additional resources

Finance’s mission is to help you advance your career and become a world-class financial analyst. With that goal in mind, and in addition to checking out M&I, these additional Finance resources will help you along the way:

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